104 W. Bates
Drexel, MO 64742

Clinic Hours

Monday: 8-5
Tuesday: 8-5
Wednesday: 8-7
Thursday: 8-5
Friday: 8-5
Saturday: 8-1
Sunday: Closed


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Preventative Herd Health Programs

Castrations and Banding

Standard and Cosmetic Dehorning

Medical/Sick Examinations

Semen Evaluation

Breeding Soundness Exams

Tritrichomonas foetus (Trich) Testing

Pregnancy Evaluation

Reproductive Ultrasound


Caesarean Section

Recently Upgraded In-House Laboratory

(Blood work/Urinalysis)

In-House Pharmacy

(including vaccination products)

Internal and External Parasite Control

Brucellosis and Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

Health Certificate/ Regulatory Services

Calfhood (OCV) Vaccinations

24 Hour Emergency Service (816-657-2102)